Breath of Lazarus by Elijah's Mantle


Breath of Lazarus

DNDC 015 CD 2002

Breath of Lazarus is the turning point in the Elijah's Mantle compositional output. WSD, the distribution company of De Nova Da Capo, suggested the release of a vinyl.

A record can be scratched and that damage can lock the sound into a loop, which becomes a groove. That repetition becomes a sequence and sequential music has always been the interest of the project. The scratched record led to the conception of whole passages of music ‘sticking’. Various sections of previously released and unreleased music by Elijah’s Mantle and other sources were taken and cut and pasted together by James and Martin Quinn at J.A.M. Studios under the direction of Mark. The sources came from both tape and cd and was more of a collage than re-mixes. The vinyl was never released but was as a cd in four parts. The artwork and layout is by Liam Furlong of space .ie.

website track - Part Four
original time - 13 minutes 37 seconds