The Reminiscent Vein by N-A-G


The Reminiscent Vein by N-A-G

DNDC 018 2015


The title of the new N-A-G ( Noise with A Groove ) album ' “...the dirt once found in the grooves...” The Reminiscent Vein. ' partly comes from a review of an earlier project by Mark St.John Ellis written for the English music paper Melody Maker by Push in 1987. It is from that year that the original analogue recordings have been taken that make the basic background. It is a reminiscent vein, a nostalgic look at an era of musical energy and outrage that needed the sophistication of age and studio technology to bring it to an advanced level. The album is both dated in its deliberate use of original electronic sounds such as the Roland SH101 from the 1980's, to its present contemporary mix, with engineering and co – production by Martin Quinn. The technical facilities of JAM Digital Studios in Kells Ireland, combined with the deliberate choices of Mark St.John Ellis as creative director treat the album as a process with no pre conceived ideas of time or fashion. This was made easier when the decision was taken to bring the project Ellijah's Mantle to a conclusion, thus freeing up the musical style. Once the decision was taken that this was a process and had not reached a definitive conclusion the first draft became a first edition and a limited amount of fifty copies were pressed. The artwork designed by Liam Furlong and the printing of the final product were part of the process and are only an aspect of the project.

NAG (Noise with A Groove) Part 1 Radio Play 1947 / 1987