Observations of an Atheist by Elijah's Mantle


Observations of an Atheist

DDNDC 017 CD 2010 3
First Print Limited Edition 500

The making of Observations of an Atheist took Mark St.John Ellis approximately five years in between the dedicated time as a curator and co-ordinator in an art gallery. It was during this time that Mark worked with Martin Quinn of J.A.M Studios, who became an influential part of the Elijah's Mantle sound through his technical and creative expertise. The album is a retrospective of the years from 1993 to 2009 and lists the workings of the selected pieces which were edited and re-recorded during that time. The album was launched on Thursday January 14 2010 at nag gallery with a re - edited two screen installation version of the film Philosophy with a Hammer which was in collaboration with the artist John Beattie. The exhibition ran until February 6 2010. The graphic and layout of the album is by Liam Furlong of space .ie.

website track - Our Lady of the Flowers
original time - 8 minutes 24 seconds