Poets and Visionaries by Elijah's Mantle


Poets and Visionaries

DNDC 009 CD 1996

In 1995 Mark St.John Ellis was invited to support and tour with Lisa Gerrard for the promotion of her first solo album from Dead can Dance. The opening part of the concert was to be spoken by Mark, accompanied by Lisa's ensemble to create an ambient atmosphere to the poetry of the French Symbolists and Decadents, Mallarmé, Baudelaire and Rimbaud as well as Shakespeare and T.S Elliot. On returning to Ireland and after the completion of Betrayals and Ecstasies, which was started before the tour, Mark recorded Poets and Visionaries, which was a continuation of the idea of the spoken word, but now set to the music of Elijah's Mantle. The album cover is of Charles Baudelaire designed by Daniel Faoro.

website track - The Windows by Stephane Mallarmé
time - 4 minutes 38 seconds