Psalms of Persuasion by Elijah's Mantle


Psalms of Persuasion

DNDC024 CD 2022



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Psalms from Invocations was a vocal collaboration between Mark St.John Ellis and the counter tenor Bruno Breathnach, now Bruno Nua, of previously released Elijah's Mantle pieces. It was originally released on DeNovaDaCapo through World Serpent Distribution. It sold out but was not re-pressed due to the ending of the distribution company. During the course of 2021 into 2022 four of the choral pieces were re-worked with additional arrangements, voices and orchestral samples. Three of the spoken word were re-written using additional texts and poems with samples from the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, one as the new introduction to Miserere de Profundis. To separate the album from Psalms from Invocations the title of the album has been changed to Psalms of Persuasion, as this is now the definitive version. Editing and production by Martin Quinn of JAM Studios Kells. Artwork by nagDesign with graphics and layout by Liam Furlong. Compositions and arrangements by Mark St.John Ellis.