These Wings Without Feathers A De Nova Da Capo Compilation


These Wings Without Feathers

DNDC 007 1996

In 1991 Mark St.John Ellis founded the record label De Nova Da Capo and the following year Elijah's Mantle was offered a distribution deal by the London based company World Serpent Distribution, WSD. The compilation album These Wings Without Feathers was to promote the artists on the label at the time of its release in 1996, who were CoEx, Ronan Quays and Elijah's Mantle. To demonstrate support and introduce the label to a wider audience Lisa Gerrard generously donated two previously unreleased pieces by her. The second of those two pieces and the last track on the album, appear on this website. The artwork is by Julien Vel and the project was compiled by M St.J E.

website track - Untitled by Lisa Gerrard
time - 2 minutes 05 seconds